Emotion Coaching: The Magic Pill of Parenting

On a windy winter Tuesday, I walked among dark shadows through a rundown neighborhood in Cleveland. Waddling my way to the corner of a one-way street, I arrived where an authentic Ristorante stands, decorated with heavy ancient calico drapes and thick wooden crowning. I pull the door open and am quickly greeted by an envelopingContinue reading “Emotion Coaching: The Magic Pill of Parenting”


TRAUMA has become a buzzword seemingly tossed around as it trends current psychopathology. This is because since the 90’s we’ve been able to complete more in-depth research around neuropsychology and the ways in which both our brains and bodies respond to traumatic events. Trauma responses have historically been categorized between “Fight” or “Flight.” However, inContinue reading “FAWN”

‘Tis the Season to be Poly

I’ve been lately collecting arguments; conflicting opinions on why, what, and how to engage in relationships in which socially constructed concepts for intimacy and sex go unmatched (“Non-monogamy” “Polyamory” “Open”). Polyamory happens to be a topic I’ve come against especially after entering the world of couples therapy. Friends have tried it, friends have wanted toContinue reading “‘Tis the Season to be Poly”

Type Cases and Avoidant Attachment

This piece was inspired by the theory of attachment. More specifically, avoidant attachment styles. People who are avoidant may find themselves regretting a commitment once they start to feel the other person getting too close. They look for reasons to avoid committing by fantasizing about an ex once they are in a new relationship orContinue reading “Type Cases and Avoidant Attachment”