Tour de New England

I can be socially timid, especially in large groups. By timid, I mean that I hate being vulnerable. When interacting with strangers, my confidence goes weak in the knees. More than anything, I find it difficult to trust. My default has always been toward siblings and friends who are more dominant in conversations. It seemsContinue reading “Tour de New England”

When Parts of Me Meet at a Party

Internal Family Systems Parts Theory looks at different parts of ourselves that have been nurtured by our attachment bonds and life experiences. Based upon what is happening with us at any given moment, a specific part might show up to respond to help us make sense of, and cope. I don’t know a lot aboutContinue reading “When Parts of Me Meet at a Party”


Unzip the lock. A few pounds worth of flour-like grey weighing down my left palm while digging in with a plastic hummus container.  This morning is magic. Dampened stonewalls and trees dressed by a perfect love affair between algae and fungus. Engorged moss like a breastfeeding mother away from her infant too long. Fern bedsContinue reading “Scattered”


“[The bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world. … It gives her a feeling of self-reliance and independence the moment she takes her seat; and away she goes, the picture of untrammelled womanhood.” Susan B. Anthony Nothing taps into my sense of freedom like book-ending a day onContinue reading “b•i•c•y•c•l•e”


My friend and I are sitting at the lake on a perfectly smooth driftwood bench. It’s dark and nearing the tail-end of summer. Water crashes against rocks at the corner of this beach with wildflower gardens crawling up the hill behind, as string lights flicker us into silhouette. We are laughing and talking. But mostlyContinue reading “MUTUALITY”

Listening to the Still Small Silence

Harelene Anderson is one of my inspirational therapists known in the era of postmodern theories. Her Collaborative Language Systems Theory is marked by curiosity, using language as a means to explore new meaning with and alongside clients. As a graduate student, I wrote about this in my Theory of Change paper, arguing that when weContinue reading “Listening to the Still Small Silence”

I’ll Take it Neat, Please. Off the Cliffs with a Side of Socialization.

Driving on route 44 northbound. It’s been several months since I’ve taken this road. A faded greying dirt-caked dump truck clunking forward two cars in front of mine. Deep inhales necessary for this sing-along breathes me back to the scotch I had drank several times in the past few weeks. My senses transport me toContinue reading “I’ll Take it Neat, Please. Off the Cliffs with a Side of Socialization.”