Drip on Me

These branches breathe a heavy sigh
“Dripping,” as he put it
They drip the curling
Crack the coughing at each sorrowful
Stone-cold in
Goodnight sky
Unknowing friend keep me

Company keep me
Here is where home is built
A fire glowing

Flames dance to be unseen 
Just before you stack
With sturdy dirty fingers
Stack the dryness of dead branch tree

Dry as the skin on your neck's backside
How it keeps you warm from sun's heat
Soft tones ring
Toward a new masculinity

Discomfort is nothing
To the comfort of
Rhythm and rhyme hovering
Tonight I sleep among thee
Weeping willow
Will you cover me?

For sake this splintering one night's keep
Smirking moonlight
You're halfway empty
I call you friend and find my peace

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