The Farmer and the Fruit

PART I: The Farmer Babushka referred to our farm as “Dom Wschodzącej Śliwki” which translates to “House of the Rising Plum.” I smile at this as I step out of our cottage and into a pastel-colored dawn. My fluttering eyelashes fan damp mist in a soft breeze. Dull shades hover past a fog, above vibrantContinue reading “The Farmer and the Fruit”

Maple Man

northernnorthno worth when compared to this blood orange peeling sky two calves wrapped twice of deer hideand oncecovering the kneessturdy as Corundum hands like aged leathera voice framed in confident humility his grandfather’s birch-barked bucket sighs over the left shoulder with two spiletucked tightly in the pocket of his jean “Tap Tap Tap,” says the young manand from theContinue reading “Maple Man”


Four thousand, three hundred eighty-three steps of curling wildflowers and cracking leaves. This is the distance I walked one afternoon from middle school to my childhood home. Before reaching my room, drops of sunlight and rain were snatched by an overarching canopy of trees. They now hover, holding secrets which have melted down into dampContinue reading “Fall”


He said              “remind me                                 to teach you                                                  a chickadee call” breast white tipped                                     plum                                           plump                                                      fingertip here hold your hand steady they swoop down to call                                           grateful                                                       and                                                             ready 


Through golden hourglass I watch a determinedflickering fumbling bumble bee then attempt a self-soothing mumble“be here now”and note the tension swelling  I till nails into summer’s bookend evethe same fingers that dig into marriageand baby’s thighsand natural family planning until fragile limbs fling ‘round my neckand the smallest little bird starts pulling I think howContinue reading “Knocking”

A SWAN IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: My Review of “The Deep End”

Across the globe, black swans have been used metaphorically to connote various meanings in folklore, often reflecting unique cultural differences. They have been symbolic in representing high levels of personal power, expressing rarity, representing hidden evils, hiding true identities, and engendering surprise. In 2001, Nassim Nicholas Taleb developed The Black Swan Theory. Taleb’s theory canContinue reading “A SWAN IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: My Review of “The Deep End””

How I Survived My Elementary School Shooting

Wait! Can you hear it? The collective pounding of hearts beating above tiny little ribcages? I can feel mine in my toes and in my belly. I feel as though mashed potatoes are lodged in my throat and suddenly can’t seem to swallow. I hear muffled movement. My scrunchy holding the end of a looseContinue reading “How I Survived My Elementary School Shooting”

Unjudge Yourself

There I was, sitting in a small room on the top floor of an old brick structure in the valley of quintessential Keene – a small town sharing lakes that usher travelers from Vermont into the state of New Hampshire. Connected to an old mill along the Ashuelot River, this section was originally built inContinue reading “Unjudge Yourself”


TRAUMA has become a buzzword seemingly tossed around as it trends current psychopathology. This is because since the 90’s we’ve been able to complete more in-depth research around neuropsychology and the ways in which both our brains and bodies respond to traumatic events. Trauma responses have historically been categorized between “Fight” or “Flight.” However, inContinue reading “FAWN”


Lately, on Tuesdays, I start the morning with an early drive along the Chagrin River, winding through county lines before arriving at a small café hidden from typical Chagrin Falls traffic. Before grabbing an espresso beverage, my sister and I chat on the phone interim her two jobs in North Carolina. I then settle intoContinue reading “LIELACS”